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【电影观看小贴士】:[BD:高清无水印] [HD:高清版] [DVD:标准清晰版] [TS:抢先非清晰版] - 其中,BD和HD版本不太适合网速过慢的用户观看




电影天堂 豆瓣电影 最新电影 老炮儿 美人鱼 lol电影天堂 ppypp电影天堂 电影天堂迅雷下载 电影天堂网 电影天堂在线观看Alice (Kristanna Loken) is a ghostwriter for a famous bestselling author. She is half through the work of the his new book, but cannot write anymore. A year before she has had a terrible accident in Malta where she was staying with her husband Max (Antonio Cupo) in his family villa and she was in a coma for two weeks. On waking up she had lost part of her memory and has no recollection of the accident and her stay in Malta. Since then, she has been suffering from depression and has recurrent and cryptic nightmares. Max who is her agent as well persuades her to go back to Malta hoping that something will unblock her mind so she can start working again and meet the last delivery deadline the publisher has given her. In the beautiful Maltese villa surrounded by lemon trees, they are welcomed by a stunning Mediterranean girl Sara (Sarai Givaty) Max has hired to help around the house. the girl immediately establishes a friendship and trust with Alice. Two different women, one sensual and self-assured, the other mysterious and insecure... In the meantime, another stranger Castellano (Giulio Berruti) is snooping around the villa, spying Sara, talking to Alice and exchanging items with a local policeman. Are ours characters really who we think they are? Is there a different version of the truth ?All is about to be seen ...

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